If you are following on social media you know that 1 / I’m an interior designer, 2 / I have a 9 months baby (Claudia) + a 3 years child (Sofia) 3 / we have moved recently (1 year to be exact). So when I was offered to try the padded play mat from Lü Babymats I did not hesitate one bit. Why: 1 / I had found no padded mat puzzle style that I liked so far. A design you cannot (or rather do not want to) get to the children’s room, not to mention put it in the middle of your living room, 2 / Claudia is just starting to crawl and spends a lot of time on the floor 3 / the floor of our new house is very cold, marble.

renata y claudia montando la alfombra para bebes

The model has five pastel colors to be combined. I chose the colors pink and gray (you know I have a weakness for light pink) to play with and make different designs with two colors. I love this design because it has plastic drawings of animals that are very subtle but very cool, plus the carpet is quite thick and very comfy, is so comfortable that even us sit up when we’re playing with Claudia. Its surface is non-slippery, very large and come in several pieces to be adaptable to your needs and space. In fact, I used it completely (9 squares) but then reduced it to 6 because it fist better the space I have in the living room. Another very positive point (since it is one thing for young children) is maintenance, because it is easy to clean, a quick washcloth and there you go. Another aspect to consider is the material, since it does not contain phthalates or anything toxic, something that worries me a lot.

I put here a couple of pictures, because a picture is worth a thousand words.

mano de renata puzzle alfombra para bebes

piezas de la alfombra para bebes

bebe jugando en la alfombra para bebes

claudia jugando en la alfombra para bebes

claudia y sofia jugando en la alfombra para bebes

The carpet was a gift from Lü Babymats, but all opinions are mine. If you are thinking of buying it, you can use the code “SELLOCALIDAD10” to enjoy a 10% discount.

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