I’m a known fan of wallpapers. It is a fact, I have confessed it many times everywhere. I’ve been using painted papers for years, and think I’ll never get tired of them. Truth is that they make wonders, its decorative power is unique. And not only they decorate and ‘dress up’ walls but also add depth (but only used in the right way), which makes the rooms look more spacious. Furthermore, wallpapers protect walls because most of them are washable with a moist cloth, easily removing stains and dirt.

Papel pintado #proyectomicasa

One drawback that can turn people away from wallpapers is their placement process. If you’re not handy you can ask a professional, but if you dare you can get it acceptable by yourself. To save a little money (to spend on more decoration) and to feel a deep satisfaction that will be even bigger at the end. If you do not know where to start here you can find some tips, from measuring the walls to buying the necessary wallpapering rolls, even in restrooms.

That being said, the really hard part: choosing. There are literally thousands of wallpapers, from plain papers, imitation textures, with romantic patterns, geometric, stripes and even murals. Everything you can imagine rest assured it exists as a wallpaper. I love to choose with my clients and the truth is that most of time I have a pretty clear image of what could fit, but I cannot do it to myself. Ask any professional in this field and most certainly he will tell you that happens all the time. It’s hard to choose for oneself, so I created this blog section called I design and you choose where I open a poll between several options. Many times I’ve asked in Instagram stories for your opinion and today I want to show all the advances in #projectmyhome papers.


Girls room

We have started with the most important. You have seen a side of their bedroom and now I’ll show you the other part. Finally we chose a mural (murals have me crazy, lately) with large floral motifs. I did not want to put the typical child role but wanted it to be feminine and pink accents (you know that I love pink!). I think that the result could not be nicer!

Papel pintado habitación niñas

Papel pintado habitación niñas {This is a 3D render I did back in the day}

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom we have a very strong headboard, upholstered with double silver pin and dark blue velvet. Therefore, I did not want a fight for prominence with wallpaper on the wall behind him, so I chose a neutral motif but glamorous at the same time in white and gray tones, with a very fine and irregular streak. From a closer look you might think it is fabric, but it is a vinyl wallpaper, very durable and washable.

Papel pintado dormitorio

Papel pintado dormitorio


Living Room

We need a wallpaper for the dining area, because I just can not imagine having a living room without wallpaper. I do not want to unveil the design of the room yet, all I can say is that the paper will be in black and white with a geometric pattern. I had several candidates like these:

papel pintado


But we will most likely choose this one:

papel pintado



Our kitchen is not very nice… well not so much the kitchen itself but its walls, because they are tiled from floor to ceiling with a not very nice tile (if it is an understatement), but the room is big and has a lot of potential. The table area forms a circle through the curved wall that separates the living room. It is perfect for putting a round table and I wanted to put a wallpaper because it is a space where we will spend a lot of family time. I wanted to do beautiful and cheerful, so I decided on an exotic cactus paper with white and green. The paper is self adhesive, which may stick even on the tiles. And I will show you later how it is, at the moment here’s a photo of today.

papel pintado cocina {Paper samples are glued, we decided the right one}


What do you think about wallpaper? Are you a fan like me or it is too costly? What wallpapers will you choose for your house? Do you dare to place it yourself?

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