Oriental Modern Family Chalet

A family villa in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, that required complete furnishing and full decoration of the living room, dining room, terrace and children’s office. The project was carried out by the VG Living studio while I was part of the team collaborating with the creative and executive direction of the project.

To find the classic and mystical touch, we look for inspiration looking towards the East. Thus, the coffee table is inspired by oriental motifs, the ying-yang, lacquered in black and white. The key room piece, the sofa, is designed to accommodate a family of five members at a time, while generating a natural separation with the dining area.

In contrast, the lounge chairs were designed with tacks to create a more modern look.

To highlight, the important role of wallpapers, framed to create a sophisticated atmosphere and present in the dining room and in the spectacular fireplace of more than 4 meters high.

Most furniture and upholstery is custom made.

3D Renders

Installation Photos

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