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Mid-century Living Room, Madrid

A charming mid-century apartment in Salamanca’s neighbourhood, Madrid


This apartment, although small, is really charming and located in the very heart of the Salamanca district. Very close to an amazing food market, which becomes clearly an advantage when you suddenly run out of cheese and at the same time a disadvantage if it bothers you to see many people every day. The owners were a young charming couple with an adorable baby.


The before-shot and a first sketch with the ideas

Photo via Flickr

The apartment has a kitchenette, so the first task was to create a proper separation between the living room area and the kitchen. I separated both rooms with a large table in natural handmade wood, very useful for receiving people for tea, and serving everyday lunch and dinner.

It was not a surprise that they spend most of their time in the living room, so I had to create a functional but at the same time cozy and trendy environment. Of course, It had to have everything. In addition, with a baby around every decision is much more complicated: only durable and washable materials could be used, such as washable fabric on the sofa and vinyl paper on the wall. The key piece of the living room was a chaise longue sofa with a capitoné effect (yes, the ‘buttons’ are called the capitoné) upholstered in gray and with a black ‘vivo’. The sofa, like the lamp, has those mid-century vibes that the owners likes so much.

“Clients have just had a baby, so the ‘washable’ property became suddenly a ‘must’.”

Of course, all this had to “talk” with the rest of the room, so we used wallpaper with touches in water green (as with the cushions) and an abstract painting with a pink breaker color. It was not easy to convince the owner, that was truly a challenge.


Floor plant and 3D Render

Photo via Flickr

by Renata Stodulkova

The house has plenty of light but only in the morning, the rest of the day is not very bright. The apartment already had very hard light bulbs on the ceiling, so I focused on adding only ambient light with some floor and table lamps.

The entrance to the living room, has a mini hall separating the island the kitchen from the wall, and it had to feel like a hall. To give you an idea, it was around a square meter. Oh girl, the miracles I do. To solve it and turn it into a more friendly and spacious space, the solution was to add a round mirror and a transparent entrance table.

And that’s all! I hope you like the final result, the owners (and especially the wife) were delighted.

Final result

Photo via Flickr

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