ikea casa encendida

A week ago IKEA with La Casa Encendida organized a competition for designers under the name La Revolución de los Espacios. The objective was to design a space for talks and workshops during the Madrid Design Festival, hold in the courtyard of the Casa Encendida. The requirements were: original design and enough room for 100 people during lectures, while during workshops the space was reduced to 30 people. I joined forces with my friend Helena from Burgundy Studio (you could see one of our collaborations during DecorAcción last year) and made the following proposal.

How the house of the future will be?

At the very beginning we asked this general question: How are you going to live in a near future house?

After some discussion, a agreed that this house will extend beyond its walls, creating a closer relationship between nature and housing, just until line between the interior and exterior dissappears. As we try to make the spaces of our homes are as fluid as possible, the house of the future will be hiper-flexible, where transforming their distribution will be only a matter of seconds. Another very important aspect will be its ability to create more eco sustainable houses, self-sufficient, growing their own food, generating energy, managing waste and recycling water. To communicate all these experiences we use new forms of technology as a learning and supporting system.

With these thoughts in mind we started to design the space based on the following moodboard and color gamut. Colors and materials used for the proposal are inspired by nature. Predominating green, black wood and using natural materials such as rattan, wood and paper.

La Revolución de los Espacios

Our proposal is based on the nature and the idea of ​​an urban park. The full experience is accompanied by an environmental sounds from a park and nature. The sound will be activated automatically through the movement of people.

Two Moments, Four Feelings

To achieve a natural experience, we recreated two acoustically distinct areas:

ZONE A – a passageway that invites be crossed, covered. The sound of birds and wind during talks, a natural and dynamic moment, and we recreate wind and waves for the Workshop moment.

ZONE B – an area to focus attention and concentrate while the action happens. We recreate a ‘sit around the campfire’ moment with sounds of crickets, crackling fire and sounds of birds and a crowded cafeteria during workshop time, inviting to brainstorm and disinhibition.


La Revolución de los Espacios


We have given a lot of importance to the flexibility of the space, so to be versatile we used very light furniture and chairs that can be folded easily so you can transform the space when needed (to distribute workshops etc). On the roof we have placed vegetation to complete the outdoor feeling. Lamps and LED lights placed at different heights provide warm ambient lighting. Both lights and plants are holding through nets placed on the truss.

The infographics of our proposal:

ikea casa encendida

ikea casa encendida


I hope you liked it and I would love to read your opinion.

Many thanks for reading!

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