If you follow me in Instagram you already know that we moved recently. Truth is that we moved before summer, but between projects, vacations and a newborn baby (yeees becoming parents again) I did not have time to decorate anything of our new home. Bebecita already has a month, so it’s time to get back to work. And I began with the most important room of the house, the girls’ room.

Sofia became two years old in June and we decided that now is a good time to change her from crib to a young girl’s bed. I made a small render render (as I usually do with clients) to see the main room’s feeling, because she will share it with her younger sister and because we wanted to reuse several pieces of furniture (dresser, changing table, library etc).

Today you can see a little preview of one side of the room, next to Sofia. There are some details like a large carpet and curtains still missing. Claudia’s side have not yet started but I really want to show it because it will have a ‘dramatic touch’.

Wallpaper will be very protagonist in the room, so on the other wall (above Sofia’s bed) I have decided to put pictures. I chose two children’s pictures from the web Posterlounge. It was hard to choose, because they have a very wide catalog, and in the end I opted for two sheets of the artist Kanzi Lue, a bear and a koala in pink and mint green, colors that will combine well with the wallpaper colors. The two posters have a white wooden frame and a size of 40 x 60 cm.

{My choosing from Posterlounge}

{Staying over the bed, matching the chair, Sofia’s dresser) and the wallpaper in front}

There are still a few things missing, including a large carpet and curtains but gradually we are moving forward. Here some photos and renders I did before starting the room.

I hope you liked it and don’t miss the follow up!

{Room details}

{Two renders}

And a picture of ‘before’ (uffff) so that you can see the change and why I love berfore and after .

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